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Deep in Brixen Space - Alpha

An action exploration game where you shoot weird plants (or don't, if you prefer.)


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DiBS is under development.
Things can change. Bugs can appear, then be squashed.
Finally, content will be added, even if at a steady, albeit slow pace.

DiBS is being worked on in my spare time, usually one or two days a week, so content update is slow.

If you like what you see, well, I'm very glad you do.


ADLeft / right
RMB or ShiftAim


0.2.8 update

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(476 total ratings)
Tags2D, Adult, Atmospheric, Erotic, Exploration, Furry, Hentai, NSFW, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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DiBS 0.4.4 - Windows 86 MB
DiBS 0.4.4 - Mac 114 MB
DiBS 0.4.4 - Linux 101 MB

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After the pck file is extracted, what should I open it with?

Idk what the devil i am doing wrong but for some reason i cannot escape grabs when in game. i try hitting every button on my keyboard. Am i supposed to use my mouse? Because the cursor disappears during sex scenes

Just downloaded and very pleasantly surprised. The game is rather raw, but the gameplay is just wow, this sight is just a gun, if I had money I would give at least a dollar for the project. But alas, I am from Ukraine, and I have a disaster with finances, maybe when it all stops, I will donate money to the project.

how do you install on linux? please help.

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Use Itch.io app (easiest method)


  1. Unpack tar file (use archive manager of your distro or the one you installed manually if there is one)
  2. Then make .x86_64 file executable (right-click menu > file properties > search for “executable” checkmark)
  3. And double click .x86_64 file to launch the game


Use this commands in the same directory you downloaded archive to by opening terminal from correct folder in your file manager or doing cd command with required path (this does the same as previous method, but in terminal, may be needed if you use distribution without required features in preinstalled gui software, also, change every version in command to match file you downloaded)

tar -xf DiBS_0.4.4_lin.tar.gz
cd DiBS_0.4.4_lin
chmod +x DiBS_0.4.4.x86_64

Last command will launch the game, after that you can also double click in file manager to launch

Heh. Dibs. Nice name.

Can you consider an Android version?? pls🙏

please anyone tbh i saw this and i didnt care about the 18+ it look like a free metriod game. but thats not the point im trying to 100% the game but i cant find the chips. ive searched everywhere and i cant find it. (side note: can you like save the game or sth because idk how to)


I thought it was endo parasitic for 5 minutes then realized it was a furry monster sex game 


cynte! what did you do!? why are there furries on the station?!


a scene viewer for all the plants would be kinda cool


pretty good but i can't shoot did i miss some ammo or has it not been added yet

Probably missed some

where is the ammo if i missed it

its the blue cylinders on the ground, you find them around the game, press r to load the gun



the animation of that hug is just so smooth it looks like some wizardy

this is a very fun game!
i hope you keep development going :)

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Any plans on android?


this is a horror game sometimes

This game is nice. I always liked side scrolling shooters, and the visuals look nice. A solid 9/10 also the smooth jazz is nice :)

Looks like a great game, sadly i cant play it cuz of my sexual orientation


Didn't know that your sexual orientation debuffed you that bad,  too bad not having factory settings



is there a way to save the game?


I've got a question, does this game have knoting? I'm looking for a game that includes it but it's quite hard to find


I know of a game that includes it, but if ur looking for M-F  stuff its off the table


Thank you Omori from Omori, but I too know a lot of games like that that aren't M-F stuff, it surprises me how few good M-F stuff with it are there


You're welcome Phemsee_gaming from Itch.io, Good luck on your quest of finding M-F knotting on Itch.io.

They may not want it but mind telling me XD knotting is knotting.

Not sure if you already know the game, But its called "Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn" By Xevvy. It's a good game for lore, And the sex scenes are well described. There IS also extra content that may get updated from time to time, but there is no knotting in the extra content yet.

any one have the wold sex scene on video


When I download the game it says DiBS_0.4.4_win and I can only open it with something like the notes app.

you need software to unzip the win file, search up win file opener or rar file opener. they say 30 day free trial with your free download but nothing really happens if you dont, at least with the ones ive used. id recommend winzip or 7zip.

anyone got a fix for the mac version saying the file is damaged?

Great game, i especially like the SFW-ish mode :)

this a pretty well made game  

by the asmospheric and soundtracks at some part the game its give me lowkey horror vibe

the escape mechanics is so good  its make make other mechanics missing something but its still fine, progession would be good (for me i think)

what is the startminiquest command do?? i tried to enter it, get help command of it but still confused or maybe i already completed it

waiting for more update and things  :))

So, there are now in total 5 tapes?

p.s. enemies dropping from above and those which you can't see down the stairs scare the shit out of me, awesome experience 

will there be a future option to download it as a .zip as how it used to be or will it stay as a 7z for some reason?

Does Anyone know how to open it?

Never used a rar file before? use 7zip


I found the game interesting, I hope they add a map in the future

Does anyone here know where all the cinema tapes are???

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I found a couple in a dev room you can get into by jumping over the floor that drops you to the lower levels at the start of a new game but if you on PC you can get all of them by pressing ~ and typing help for a list of comands but I do not think the tapes are working just yet not sure have not updated the game yet

Downloaded the MAC version but the game won't open. I get a popup saying:

“DiBS” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

Whenever I try to launch the game.

I don't how to access it cause its only showing its self on the files as  _WIN or .7z  Can anyone help

if you have winRAR or 7zip or else program that opens .zip files then right click on it, then click open by and chose program that open .zip winRAR or 7zip or else, then make other folder on screen and select all files then drag them to folder and open game ex. deep in brixen space or (DiBS).exe and taaa daa, game work if dont i will help or text to MoxieTouch. Its simple and easy.

i didnt update versions, does it have a save option now?


How open the all theatre scenes

I can't find tape 4 and 5 can someone help me? 

how do i play the game it doesnt let me add it

Hey does the Windows File link download as "DiBS_0.4.4_win" 7Z File (.7z) for anyone else? I can't get anything I try to make it work here.


it's a 7zip file. unzip the file with winrar or 7zip


when are you gonna release the update its december 31


Is there plans to go on android?


How do you end the sex scenes? It comes up with a flashing circle, but no button seems to do anything. I can't click on it either as you have no mouse in those scenes.


click the circle with your mouse 


This is by far one of the most atmospheric games I've played. Are you sure you should be making porn? This is pretty great.


Ok I must say, this game is really cool and has a lot of future, I hope this becomes a big project and doesn't get scrapped like some other nice games like this one.

Seriously, keep up the good work, this is amazing so far!

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